a little courage


This CD was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way

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Dar as Mãos – Tarrafal, Kapverde

If you are interested in the lyrics, just have a look into the photo galerie. On this CD there are the following songs:

scream, i feel alive, a little courage, you made it, was man so sagt, watching me, don’t doubt, back off, humor, jellyfish, decision, first love song & stille



Music and Lyrics are written by both of us together. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Jan Rase, Tonicum Records, 2012.

In accordance with our growing success the songs of this CD speak a lot of how to create such a success. No matter what attitude you have in life, it will be mirrored in all parts of your life. Fitting to this conviction our second CD was recorded very comfortably, as we do not only direct our focus on success but on a appropriate cosiness as well! 

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