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old fashioned  -  Song  -  Text  

just because  -  Song  -  Text  

no hardship  -  Song  -  Text  

shut up  -  Song  -  Text  

harcore song  -  Song  -  Text  

interested in  -  Song  -  Text  

Hannah's song  -  Song  -  Text  

achievement  -  Song  -  Text  

lady of the house  -  Song  -  Text  

plan A  -  Song  -  Text  

being fopped  -  Song  -  Text  

spring  -  Song  -  Text  


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 This CD was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way

and 1 € of its sale will go with pleasure to the team of 

Dar as Mãos - Tarrafal, Cabo Verde

Music and Lyrics are written by both of us together. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Silvio Naumann somewhere in the woods near Grieben 2017.

It had been our live-long dream to do the recordings with a "transportable studio" in peace and quiet at home. In a tranquil atmosphere and a mixture of chaos due to audio cabel, soundproof material, a cosy fireplace and good food, the three of us found our way to work cheerily, easily and happily with and on our songs.



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