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in astonishment  -  Song  -  Text  

to feel fine  -  Song  -  Text  

memories  -  Song  -  Text  

blank canvas  -  Song  -  Text  

rough stuff  -  Song  -  Text  

all there is  -  Song  -  Text  

better than that  -  Song  -  Text  

my own peace  -  Song  -  Text  

all I ask  -  Song  -  Text  

old men  -  Song  -  Text  

till the end  -  Song  -  Text  



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 This CD was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way

and 1 € of its sale will go with pleasure to the team of 

Dar as Mãos - Tarrafal, Cabo Verde

Music and Lyrics are written by both of us together. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Jan Rase, Tonicum Records, 2014.

It was summer. It was warm. The sounds of horses, ducks & chicken plus a never ending supply of coffee & cake laid the mood for the studio time of this CD. Those influences can be picked up easily. Quietness and serenity mirror the ambience in wich the songs of 'blank canvas' were not just written but recorded as well.



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