THE BAND with the HARP

The world seems crazy these days.


We make it our choice to take

The world won't be a better place without optimism.

good mood on tour.

34388 Wülmersen
8:00 pm
Kleine Markthalle
39576 Stendal
7:00 pm
Kirche Blücher
19258 Besitz, Blücher
4:00 pm
Gassmühle Rotta
06901 Kemberg
7:00 PM
18586 Göhren
12:30 am
17459 Ückeritz
7:00 pm

In letzter Zeit fragen wir uns alle immer öfter, was die Dinge sind, auf die es wirklich ankommt. Euch scheint es da genauso zu gehen wie uns.

Unser neuer Song ist in den letzten Zügen und es gibt bestimmt auch wieder ein Video dazu!

Du willst per Mail Bescheid bekommen, wann es soweit ist?

Was braucht die Welt?

We think about this world a lot these days and we are constantly trying to find ways to stay sane and in a loving head space.

It is what we want to share with you…

New Videos

are done with lots of love and a very crafty approach to lots of detail.

Always with our motto


Our current album is called

Kitschig Wunderbar

which translates to:

“Delightfully cheesy”

and talks about a day being awsome!

Because we

want to inspire you to have and stay in a good mood we send you little motivations, music, videos and thoughts every once in a while…

But most of all:

When will be playing life near you!

Good Mood News

Some good vibes

Our little blog is in german right now. Maybe we will add some videos in english one day… Until then have a peak at our music videos, as they are mostly in english!