Kitschig Wunderbar


This CD was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way

and 1 € of its sale will go with pleasure to the team of

Dar as Mãos – Tarrafal, Kapverde

If you are interested in the lyrics, just have a look into the photo galerie. On this CD there are the following songs:

Kitschig Wunderbar, Genial, Prinzip von Wahrheit, Prima, Problem(e) der Welt, Magisches Band, Im Spiegel, Campen mit Carry, Kurz Danach, Hier und Jetzt und Nun, Wieder Verliebt, Ihr Geheimnis



Music and lyrics are written by both of us together Jeanine Vahldiek & Steffen. The recording and producing took place somewhere in the woods near Grieben, Germany.

It is mixed, mastered and with a big sense of detail produced by Silvio Naumann in Berlin and Korea.

The happiness in taking your time when doing things and the peace of taking frequent rests in a day by looking forward to your days work, is most certainly audible in the songs of this CD.  We managed to transport our way to think about live into our music. The philosophical approach to life mixed with a good sense of humor lets you see the sense of integrating a positive side of thinking.

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